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Thanks for dropping by. Please leave a comment, I’d like to get to know you. Most people who follow this blog do so because of the Thinking Thursday content. I love this, but I’d really like you to get involved with my books over on my author blog. Especially, you can sign up to join the crew, and get advance news of publications and special gifts. Why not check it out? Thanks.

Party - GiftsI have been writing poetry and making up stories since I was a child, but I only started to write seriously when my children were grown. My main ambition is to write science fiction (with three novels at various stages in a series called Flight of the Kestrel), but along the way I got fascinated by local history and distracted by a major stroke. However, I wrote poetry about my stroke and spent my recovery writing a local history book. Taking early retirement gave me more time to concentrate on my writing.

I’ve been married since 1974, and we have 4 children and 3 grand children. I was disabled with fibromyalgia but was working almost full time until my stroke. Since then I found a new determination and persistence. Although I have lost the use of my right arm and my right leg is still not fully recovered, it has focused my attention on the important things. I have been able to do so much more since.

In 2012 I was sixty, and I plan to make it the start of the rest of my life. I agree with Dylan Thomas, and will not go gently into the night. Who knows where it will lead?

My main occupation is writing: medieval history, science fiction and poetry. You can find the details on my Writing page. 

I set out to write science fiction but got distracted into writing medieval history. I got confused about whether to keep the subjects separate or together. Since I was a child I have always written poetry, and still do. I wasn’t sure where that fitted in with my public persona as an author. As I’m learning about writing I’m sharing what I’ve learned and how I’m progressing.

After many false starts, and much trial and error, I have decided to be who I really am – all of it. I write poetry, science fiction, and medieval history, and I also write about writing. If you are interested in my work and sign up, you will get links to all of it, no matter which way you found me or whatever your area of interest. 

When you join my mailing list you will be offered not one, but four free gifts – one for each aspect of my writing. So you can self-select. You can download the free book that suits you, or maybe you joined for one reason but would like to see what my other stuff is like, and download some of the other material.

I self-published my first local history book, Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth at Easter 2012. A second book Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John come out in September 2013, and a third book, The Magna Carta Story came out at Easter 2015. Details on my author blog. If you’re interested in Swansea and Gower, where you can find some stunning scenery and some fascinating history, why don’t you join me there? My author blog also has details about the progress of my science fiction novels Flight of the Kestrel, and my Media Kit.

I also regularly post things to think about, usually about Christianity. My husband and I have been Christians since 1986. I think faith is something we should all think about. See my Thinking page for more details. There are also links to some series of posts, to make them easier to find. Under that page is a page about Christianity, called If There’s a God. I hope you’ll check it out. I’d be glad to talk if you have any questions.

My stroke in 2010 changed everything, mostly for the better, and I plan to make the most of it. There is a detailed account of my stroke recovery, and some of the poems I wrote in hospital, on my Stroke Recovery page. I hope it may help others to see my progress.

Connect with me online:

Email: amt[dot]tetelestai[at]gmail[dot]com
Amazon Author page

Welsh-American Bookstore Interview

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Godsfruitful says:

    Hi, 🙂 I just found your site this evening along with a few other bloggers. I am new to blogging an want to invite you to check out my blogs and if interested, please follow me back. I think that its important to encourage others as with all are working to build up Christ Kingdom. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs:)


    • Hi Kim, Thanks for following my blog. I checked yours out and it is good to see someone being honest about the trials and struggles we have as Christians. Can I suggest that you create an About page to tell readers who you are and provide some contact details? God bless you.


      • Godsfruitful says:

        Hi Ann Marie:) Thanks for following my blog. My about is located on the top of page above Godsfruitful logo:) And I will work on the contact info :))) Thank you for your advice:) Have a great weekend!


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