If There’s a God…

If there is a God, and if he is an all-powerful God, we had better make sure we are in his favour. If he is pure and holy, we know right away he would not accept us. No matter how good a person you are, you must admit you’re not perfect. We have all told a lie, broken a promise, thought bad thoughts. And we have all failed to submit to this almighty, holy God.

How many times have you made and broken New Year’s resolutions, or some other commitment to change? What hope do any of us have of being pure enough to enter God’s presence? We’ve latched on to the idea that our deeds will be weighed, and we’ll be OK if our good deeds outweigh our bad ones. But it doesn’t work like that. We need to be absolutely perfect. Our situation is hopeless.

But God didn’t leave us there. Despite all our faults and failings (sins), God loves us, and wants us close to him. But our faults have to be paid for, he can’t just turn a blind eye. That would make him less than perfect, and then he wouldn’t be God.

Which is where Jesus comes in. History records he was a real person, but we have to go to the Bible to find out the details – and the details are important. You can’t just accept him as a good man or a teacher – he said he was God. So either he was lying, or deluded, or he really was God. And that’s important. He was a real man, so he could represent all men, but he was God so he could defeat sin and death and free us all.

If you’ve decided God is real, and you’re not perfect, then you know you’re in trouble. Now you have to decide if Jesus was who he said he was, and if you’ll give your life to him to be cleansed. Jesus died to pay for all your sins and make it possible for you to have that relationship with God that you – and he – longs for.

For more on this subject see The Biggest Question. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

There is a course called Christianity Explored, which takes you through this whole question. I blogged the sessions as I taught it. It covers who Jesus was, why he came, died, and rose again, and our response. You can find the first one here, and they all link to each other. If you would like to join a course, you can find details on the web site linked above.

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